What are we planning to improve in our school?

How are we making our school better?

A summary for Parents and Carers



This year we are focussing on the following improvements in our school:

1. Mental Health and Well-being
✓ Using our You Tube channel to keep you informed about how we support mental health and wellbeing at our school
✓ Creating guides on our approaches to supporting children’s mental health and well-being

2. Learning, Teaching and Assessment – setting up digital home learning
✓ Setting up home learning provision for children self-isolating with home learning teacher support
✓ Setting up home learning digitally for all children

✓Purchasing devices to allow children to access digital learning where they don’t currently have access
✓ Creating teaching and learning videos for activities in our literacy policy

3. Equalities, Equity and Inclusion
✓ Equalities training for all staff
✓ Review of our policy on preventing and responding to bullying and prejudice
✓ Further training for staff on running an inclusive classroom


RPS Parent Summary SQIP 2019 2020