Placing Requests

As a parent, if you don’t want your child(ren) to be educated in your local catchment school, you have the right to make a Placing Request for your child(ren) to attend another school.

If you would like your child to start P1 or S1 at a school outside your catchment area, you must make a Placing Request. You can get a Placing Request application form at any nursery or primary school in Edinburgh from mid-November and must return it by 24 December to:



School Transactions

P1/S1 Placements,

PO Box 12331,



If they receive your application form after 24 December, your request will be considered but if they receive your application form after 15 March places in your chosen school may no longer be available.

The Council must grant Placing Requests where possible. If there are more places available in a school than there are placing requests, all placing requests are usually granted.

If the school you choose has more placing requests than available places, each case is looked at individually. Please include all relevant details on your Placing Request application form so this can be taken into account.

As school rolls have increased there has been a decrease in the number of places available for children living outside the catchment area. This has resulted in high numbers of placing requests being refused.

If a Placing Request is successful for one child, this does not guarantee a successful Placing Request for their sibling. This could mean parent(s)/carer(s) have children attending different schools.

Transport for Placing Requests

If a Placing Request is successful, parents will be responsible for the safety and transportation costs of their child to and from their chosen school.

Further information

Further information on school placing requests can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council website at: