Pathway Supports

At Ratho Primary School, learners who may benefit from extra support are identified during discussions with class teachers, senior management and the Support for Learning teacher.  Our Support for Learning teacher works alongside class teachers or teaches in the Support for Learning room where they use a wide variety of resources tailored to fit individual needs.  Pupil Support Assistants may offer additional support to pupils following recommendations at other times in the week.  Parents are kept informed about this provision and encouraged to become involved.

Learners are supported within our school via the following Pathways for support:

Pathway 1

Pupils’ needs are met by the resources available to a class/ subject teacher.

Pathway 2

Pupils’ needs are met by the class/ subject teacher, supported by the wider resources available within the school, including the Support for Learning Teacher (SfL) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Pathway 3

Pupils’ needs are met within the school, with the help of partner services/ agencies.

Please note; children who receive Support for Learning will always be supported in the classroom at Pathway 1, but may also be supported at Pathway 2 and/or Pathway 3 if these are appropriate to the child’s needs.

If your child is receiving support within Pathway 2 or Pathway 3 you will receive a letter home detailing these supports within the first term of the session.

Within Pathway 3 Supports we work with other agencies and professionals – for example, Social Work Services, Educational Psychology Service, National Health Service and you the parent to make decisions with regards to the best possible education to meet the needs of your child within the resources available.

Parents, carers and children with additional support needs can also seek independent advice and support through:

Telephone 0131 260 5380

  • National Advocacy Service for Additional Support Need(Barnados in association with the Scottish Child Law Centre) Telephone 0131 667 6633.