Moving in to Primary 1

Before leaving a nursery, a transfer of information record for each child should be prepared by nursery staff to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of education for the child transferring to primary. Our P1 staff or Senior Leadership Team will endeavour to visit your child’s nursery before the end of the summer term if they do not already attend our school nursery.

Starting school is a very important milestone both for children and their parents. The vast majority of our parents choose their local, catchment school and we plan our education provision to ensure we can provide places for new pupils at their catchment school.

In the run-up to November’s registration week for the new Primary 1 intake each school will offer an opportunity for you to visit them. You can speak to staff to find out more about the school first-hand. You can see how the school runs; discuss the curriculum and their priorities as well as seeing recent examples of pupils’ work on display. In many cases you may also have the chance to meet other parents who already have children there. All of this will help you understand the school’s unique character and give you an insight into the learning environment that your child could enjoy there.  All our schools offer a high quality educational experience.

New P1 Parent PowerPoint 2022

Play and learn at home

(click here for the City of Edinburgh’s Transition to P1 Activities 2022)

City of Edinburgh Council are providing activities that every family can engage with during these unprecedented transition circumstances. This will ensure that children moving to Ratho Primary School from any nursery will have the same opportunities and experiences available during this transition time.

If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to email in to our school office using with the subject P1 transition!

Please see the Primary 1 walk around video below to help your child get used to our school…

Please see the Parent Induction Video for 2021 below…