HT Update 8.11.19

November 07, 2019 Off By Lynne Smith

Dear Families,

It has been lovely to see so many of you in school this week for parent consultations and thank you for the feedback on our renovation work! We are delighted with how school is looking and the children’s art work is now covering the walls which has been wonderful to see!


Please check your child’s hair regularly for headlice or eggs. The link to the NHS website below has more information.

•         Apply conditioner through dry hair

•         Get a white piece of paper/card & a nit comb

•         Part the hair & comb through in sections onto the card

•         If your child has headlice then use the solution from a chemist to get rid of them.

•         The eggs will stick to the hair, close to the scalp.  Please follow the instructions on the solution packet to remove.

Methods of communication

We have been chatting in school over the last few weeks about how rapidly our school is growing and changing, and we are determined to make sure the way we work is as smart as possible and appropriate for the size of our school. To this end, we would like your help with our communication. We want to make sure the queries of our families are answered fully and by the most appropriate member of staff. Therefore, any questions or queries should be directed in the following ways:

  • Contact the school office on 0131 333 1293
  • Contact the school via e-mail on
  • Visit our school office

When you do so please give us a brief reason for the communication as this would be really helpful in making sure the right person gets back in touch as soon as possible.

IPad charging cables and chargers

Many thanks for the donations of iPad charging cables (old style not lightning!). Our class set cables have been getting a bit frayed and we’ve been able to replace many of them. If you have any old Apple IPad cables and Apple IPad charging plugs then they would be most welcome!

Have a lovely weekend,