Health and Safety

At Ratho Primary School, we ensure the health and safety of the people in our school in a number of ways. We use a variety of risk assessments to ensure risks in a variety of settings (classrooms, playground areas, gym halls etc) are minimised and our school is a safe and happy place to learn and work. These risk assessments are completed and reviewed regularly to reflect the changing landscape of our school. Our janitorial staff play a key role in ensuring the school building is safe and this is reinforced by all school staff.

We also seek to involve our pupils in analysing risk as an important life skill. This involves children assessing levels of risk through activities in the curriculum so that they too understand their responsibilities in health and safety. We have a woodlands charter, which is reviewed and updated to ensure all children understand how to play safely in our wonderful school woodlands.

Notice from the Children’s and Families department

Within the general policy laid down by The City of Edinburgh Council, the Education and Children’s Services Department has prepared and has continuing development of, safety policy statements for all areas of its responsibility in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

School staff are fully instructed in their responsibilities in this respect, and safety regulations apply to all aspects of school life, both on and off the premises.

It is expected that pupils will behave responsibly and comply with all safety requirements.

The support of parents/carers in promoting good practice in health and safety matters is of great importance to the school.