Back to School Tip #5

August 07, 2020 Off By Lynne Smith

We are delighted to share Tip number 5 which suggests some ideas for the children starting back to school next week. We would love to hear what things you are doing to make the transition a little smoother.

Back to School Tip #5: Challenge Your Mindset – Remember we can cope- we just did

Your Child:It can be unsettling not knowing what may happen. Help your child focus on all the things they do know, such as how to get to school, what they will wear, seeing a friend. Introduce new information gradually as it becomes available.

Everyone is a unique individual, discuss with your child the little things that they can do or have already achieved. Remind them of these skills and successes when embarking on a new challenge.

                                                                                                                                                                                       You: It is normal that many children and parents will be feeling anxious, try to focus on how you will manage rather than what might go wrong. Show confidence, even if you are feeling a bit wobbly, it helps that your child sees that you have a plan to carry out together.

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