As pupils progress through our school, teachers use a range of assessment strategies, including Assessment for Learning strategies as well as setting tests. Pupils are also involved in assessing their own progress and developing their next steps.

Pupils in P1, P4, P7 and S3 complete online standardised assessments in literacy and numeracy as part of everyday teaching and learning. Our learners at other stages all complete written standardised assessments in literacy and numeracy. The assessments help to identify children’s progress, providing diagnostic information that support teachers’ professional judgement. The information provided by the assessments helps teachers to assess children’s progress and to plan next steps in learning.

We recognise that all pupils do not develop and progress at the same rate and, therefore, we use both group and individual methods to ensure that all pupils are given appropriate instruction and the opportunity to succeed. Please contact the school as soon as possible if you have any concerns about your child’s progress.

We assess in two distinct ways:

Formative assessment

Formative assessment is an on-going process of talking with the pupils, encouraging them to reflect on their learning and using a variety of strategies in the classroom to gauge understanding.  This is a continual and cyclical process of determining where the pupils are currently in their learning – what is the next piece of learning to be achieved – and what are the next steps that will take us there.  At all stages, the pupils are involved in talking about their understanding, skills and current knowledge.

Summative assessment

On occasion, we use summative assessment and this provides a snapshot of where a learner is in a particular curricular area on that day. These can sometimes be referred to as ‘end of unit assessments’.  We also conduct our own Standardised Assessments that are usually administered throughout the school in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths and are conducted in March. The results of which are available for you to see on request.

Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs)

The Scottish Government also requires that all pupils in Primary 1, 4 and 7 take part in the Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs). These are used to help support teacher’s professional judgement of where your child is in their attainment.

Primary seven pupil profiles

In addition to this, at Primary 7 a profile is completed with pupil input that reflects their attainment and achievements to date.  This accompanies them to their chosen secondary school.