Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are often taught as separate subjects at Ratho Primary School with learning in technology and engineering coming under the term technologies in curriculum for excellence. However, the learning in these individual subjects can be enhanced by making connections between them. Doing so can highlight overlapping knowledge, illustrate links, develop common skills and indicate possible careers involving these subjects.

Learning where Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are connected to this end is referred to as STEM learning.

STEM learning can highlight the relevance of learning in maths by making it clear how it can be applied in everyday life e.g. Learning about weight and forces with a ‘Bridges’ topic or applying the ability to read scales on a thermometer in a topic about the changing states of water.

Another aim of STEM learning is to highlight positive destinations and eventual careers for the children in our school by making clear how the skills in these areas apply to a wide variety of jobs.  The STEM ethos allows all children to explore these subjects with particular focus on encouraging girls into these subjects.

We work with outside agencies such as the University of Edinburgh and STEM ambassadors to help deliver meaningful, challenging learning experiences at our school.