This section describes how the curriculum is planned and delivered in our school including the range of subjects and subject areas your child will be learning.  It also includes information on how pupils develop skills for learning, life and work, including literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing in and out of the classroom.

As well as giving you information about the statutory curriculum requirements we have included details on sports and outdoor activities available to pupils and the range of facilities available within the school.

Details of how parents will be informed about sensitive aspects of learning e.g. relationships, sexual health, parenthood and drugs awareness are included as well as information about religious instruction and observance and arrangements for parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child.

Edinburgh Learns for Life –A Vision for Education

Our Vision

The Edinburgh Learns for Life vision is to create a fairer, healthier, greener future for everyone. We will work together to ensure that high quality learning takes place in schools and in the wider communities  where young people live, learn and work.  All our young people will be supported to make progress in their learning, pursue their interests and passions, without being limited by barriers.  We will provide inclusive and equitable learning opportunities for everyone.  Learners will be provided with opportunities to lead, and shape, their own learning where a wide range of pathways are valued equally.  Through working together, we will form relationships, and connections, which support positive health and wellbeing and reduce poverty.

Curriculum for Excellence: Bringing learning to life and life to learning

Curriculum for Excellence is the curriculum across Scotland for all 3-18 year olds – wherever they learn.  It aims to raise standards; preparing our children for a future they do not yet know and equip them for jobs of tomorrow in a fast changing world.

Teachers and practitioners will share information to plan a child’s ‘learning journey’ from 3-18, helping their progression from nursery to primary, primary to secondary and beyond, ensuring each transition is smooth. They’ll ensure children continue to work at a pace they can cope with and with challenge they can thrive on.

Curriculum for Excellence balances the importance of knowledge and skills.

Every child is entitled to a broad and deep general education, whatever their level and ability. Every single teacher and practitioner will be responsible for the development of literacy and numeracy from Early Level through to Senior Phase.

It develops skills for learning, life and work, bringing real life into the classroom, making learning relevant and helping young people apply lessons to their life beyond the classroom. It links knowledge in one subject area to another helping make connections in their learning. It develops skills which can enable children to think for themselves, make sound judgements, challenge, enquire and find solutions.

There is an entitlement to personal support to help young people fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities with additional support wherever that’s needed.  There is an emphasis by all staff on looking after our children’s health and wellbeing using the Wellbeing Indicators.

Ultimately, Curriculum for Excellence aims to improve our children’s life chances, to nurture successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, and responsible citizens, building on Scotland’s reputation for great education.