Restorative Practice Hub

Restorative Practices are all the ways we, as a school community, build, maintain and restore relationships.

As a school we do this in a number of ways including class and playground charters, restorative conversations, teaching about resilience and our emotions, relaxation techniques, opportunities for play and the upcoming Vision Time.

Vision Time is a 45 minute session where children can choose to take part in a club that is linked to our school vision – A curious, creative community. The clubs will be a mixture of curiosity, creativity and community clubs where children can build relationships across the school with children and adults alike. We are encouraging children to take a lead in getting these clubs up and running using their ideas wherever possible. We welcome parent, carers and community members support with our Vision Time Clubs! Feel free to get in touch if you are interested!

Click on the link below to view all the ways that we support our pupil’s social and emotional well-being.

Supporting your child’s well-being at RPS summary 2018-19