Medical Administration and Headlice


Some pupils have occasional health care needs that require the administration of medication in school. If a child requires medication during the school day parents should hand this in to the school office and complete the appropriate consent form detailing dosage, timings and any other specific requirements.

School staff are unable to administer medication without completion of the necessary forms.

The forms are available from the City of Edinburgh Council site which can be accesses by clicking here.

Long-term medication requires the completion of a School Health Care Plan. This is for all pupils who may need emergency medication or who have a complex, chronic condition that requires more in depth planning and support. The Plan is discussed and finalised with relevant health care staff and the school’s management team. Necessary medication is kept in the school office and classroom administered by staff when needed


Head lice are spread through head to head contact at home, while playing or in school. The only way to be sure that your child has head lice is to find a live louse. If you find live lice, get the correct lotion from your doctor, health visitor or pharmacist. Shampoos and other treatments are not effective. One treatment is two applications of the treatment lotion, seven days apart. If this is not followed, then re-infection is likely.

Advise family members and close friends that your child has head lice and that they should check their own hair. Only treat if live lice are found. Don’t be shy about advising others of this possible problem because you would likely tell family and friends about other infections which might affect them.

Regular wet combing of your child’s hair with the head lice detector comb is the best protection as it allows you to detect the condition and treat it speedily.