Health and Well-Being

Health and Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

The children have a minimum of 2 hours of physical education every week developing skills in games, gymnastics and personal fitness. In primary 4 and primary 5 pupils attend swimming classes at South Queensferry High School. All pupils are encouraged to take part in ‘Bikeability’ training in Primary 6. We have close contact with the local Active Schools Co-ordinator who provides extra tuition and opportunities in a variety of activities throughout the school year for all stages.

The older pupils are given the opportunity to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities in school such as Junior Road Safety Officers, Buddies, Monitors, Eco Warriors and Ratho Action Group. By taking on these experiences, children develop an understanding of what it takes to be a good citizen within the community.

The Scottish Government expects 2 hours of active PE for all children. We deliver this in our school hall, the community centre hall and the extensive outdoor space in our school grounds. We use the Balerno cluster PE toolkit that is used by all the cluster primaries feeding into Balerno High School. This toolkit highlights four ‘benchmarks’ in physical education:

  • Physical fitness
  • Personal qualities
  • Cognitive skills
  • Physical competencies

Children at our school develop these four areas in a variety of active contexts including gymnastics, central net sports, invasion games and creative dance.

Social and emotional wellbeing

Children should feel happy, safe, respected and included in the school environment and to this end, our staff are proactive in promoting positive behaviour in the classroom, playground and the wider school community. Anti-discriminatory, anti-bullying and child protection policies are in place.  Social, mental and emotional health is covered in circle time, class discussion, collaborative and active learning.

More specifically, ‘Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education is taught throughout the school.  We have a well embedded program of RSHP in school. Parent information booklets can be found here:

We also have visits from outside agencies to support the curriculum e.g. Dental health professionals and the school nurse.

We use a variety of approaches to support social and emotional wellbeing – see the document ‘Supporting your child’s social and emotional wellbeing’ on our website

These include:

  • Circle time
  • Emotions Talk
  • Restorative conversations
  • Peer mentors
  • Seasons for Growth

Our core health and well-being program is called ‘Building Resilience’. This aims to equip children with tools to support them through the ups and downs of life. The children learn about 10 key skills over a three year rolling program. See for more information.