General Supervision

Start of the day:

Before school begins supervision is parental responsibility, therefore pupils should not arrive at school until as near to the school start time as possible.

School starts at 8.50am for all pupils.  The playground will open from 8.40am and the school building will open from 8.45am.  Pupils should enter the playground and school without their parents/carers.  We do not use the school bell.  All pupils should be in by 8.50am and the school gates will be closed after 8.50am.  Any pupils arriving after 8.50am should report in through the office as late.

One member of staff will be in the playground between both the main gate and the Hallcroft Park/West gate should any pupils need assistance or parents have any messages to pass on during the period between 8.40am-8.50am.

End of the day:

  • 2:55pm: P1 & P1/2 will leave from the main playground gate.
  • 55pm: P2 will leave from the Hallcroft Park/West gate


  • 3:15pm: P3 and P3/4 classes will leave from the Hallcroft Park/West gate… P3 pupils should be collected by parents/carers; please make yourself visible for your child when collecting them.
  • 3:15pm: P4 – P7 classes will be dismissed from the main gate.


During intervals support staff supervise the children. There is always access to the building and toilets, and the children are made aware of this.