Creativity Across the Curriculum

Creativity is a process which generates ideas that have value to the individual. It involves looking at familiar things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind, making connections, learning from mistakes and using imagination to explore new possibilities.

At Ratho Primary School we see creativity as a higher order thinking skill that is crucial in supporting children now and in their future lives. Creativity can help learners to thrive in an ever changing and uncertain world. A creative approach to education can help engage children and develop a love of learning but in addition creativity skills can be invaluable in the world of work.

The four key creativity skills are: curiosity, open-mindedness, imagination and problem solving. The first of which is embedded within our school vision.

At our school we encourage creativity by allowing pupils to make choices about how they present their learning and how they help plan their learning with the class teacher. We provide opportunities to be creative across the curriculum and to illustrate that learning in creative ways in front of a range of audiences – other classes, assemblies and learning showcases such as the Farmer’s Market. We inspire classroom talk with a range of stimuli – objects, audio clips and film shorts. Partnerships with the John Muir Trust, University of Edinburgh, First Lego League and Jupiter Artland allow children to exercise their creativity skills.