STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths! Teaching these four areas as one helps to highlight the links between the subjects for the children. Many so called ‘STEM careers’ involve knowledge and skill in all four of these areas.

In a world that is increasingly becoming dominated by technology it is important that our children have a great understanding of these subjects and how they are relevant to real life.

Our STEM curriculum is supported by a range of providers including the University of Edinburgh, Generation Science and the STEM ambassador network. The latter being a network of individuals in STEM careers who use their expertise to support our curriculum and share their jobs. Primaries 3 – 7 receive input from our STEM teacher once per week. This time focuses on STEM challenges and using STEM skills to solve problems. STEM lessons also focus on development of science inquiry skills such as planning science investigations and analysing scientific findings. We have a base for STEM learning in our school called the STEM hub.